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The Brain Tumor Scare .

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Facing my mortality at a level that I never imagined.

I'll never forget the complete shock and out of body experience it was to hear that they saw a mass on my brain. My ENT doctor delivered the news to the best of his ability and I didn't envy his position. I could tell he was nervous and God had somewhat prepared me by an incident at the airport earlier the day before. I had an experience after landing back in Georgia from visiting my husbands family in Texas. I was approached by a man who I believe was my guardian angel. I can't explain how I knew but I did. He was tearing out of one eye and I felt a peace in his presence. God's way to ensure me that everything is exactly the way it should be.

I will blog on the experience, but just so you know, I am fine. I am good as long as the tumor doesn't grow. It's not in a great location but I just live every day to the fullest and pray it doesn't grow.

A side note, I'm keeping this format below as a sort of templete and Im only sharing this with close friends and family until I feel comfortable. BUT PLEASE feel free to share any experiences you have had or are enduring at the moment. I want this blog to be one of hope. Hope in God and his promise for eternal life and how we are only visitors here but I figure we can help each other out in the meantime.

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