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Fear is a liar

Fear is a liar , by Zach Williams , has become one of my favorite songs. I have to share a story regarding this song. My uncle has early onset Alzheimers and is only in his 50's. I found them a house, and on the way back from closing he had a moment of clarity . In my experience, the most painful stage is when they realize the magnitude of their disease and ask what can they do. We were in the car and my uncle starting asking me to make sure I was there for my aunt no matter what and of course I AM. Happily. He then started the negative self talk discussing how he was worthless now and began asking why is he still here? What is his purpose as he faces a disease that ravages the brain to the point of death. I told him God was not done with him yet and he will give us the grace to endure this uncertain yet certain fate... I turned up this song and the lyrics were PERFECT!!! There was not a dry eye in the car. I am so happy to have a Savior that I can reach out to in my pain and find my refuge in the midst of the storm. He loves everyone. He actually is love.

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